Agile approaches – useful links by Zuzana Sochova:

Agile Aliance -
See materials for Invited lecture at DCSE CTU, Prague (Software Project Management).
See my blog about management, Agile and SCRUM.


And if you prefer paper book, try this one from Ken Schwaber

Extreme Programming (XP)

Pair Programming

Lean Development

Test Driven Development

Feature Driven Development

Adaptive Software Development

Pragmatic Programming

IT Governance

Lean Development Governance

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

ITSM (IT Service Management)

Quality Management

ISO standards


Burndown chart

Here is my template for Burndown graph:

There are several ways how you can visualize your progress. I would suggest the alternative burndown:


Just read it...

A couple of books you may like...

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